First Gig

Bus-Pass mugshot, photobooth, circa 1981

How it all began… Thursday 29th October 1981, it is early evening and I stand huddled in a small attic bathroom, together with six of my mid-teenage compadres. We are jocularly nervous as we prepare ourselves for the next 70 Continue reading →

Cultivating New Orleans Music In England – The End Of An Impossible Dream

Forty4, BJ

Some things you shouldn’t even try, but what the hell, if the recipe looks good on paper, then why shouldn’t you have a go? Unfortunately, even when the ingredients are right, the cooking is perfect and the dish is served Continue reading →

I Should Be Laughing, But I’m Not

General Election 2015 PR versus FTPTresults

General Election 2015 – A Wake-Up Call For Democracy So what about UKIP – the crackpot party us ‘lefties’ love to hate and trade insults with over social media? There’s not much of their core policies I agree with, and Continue reading →