Book Review: ‘Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues’ By Elijah Wald

The Story Of How One Man’s Life Was Reinvented To Create A Mythical Late 20th Century Musical Genre

To many British readers, this review is going to be controversial for which I make no apology. However, I must stress that despite how uncomfortable this might be for some, I am only ‘the messenger’ for a story that has surprised me, as much as it may shock and offended others.

Within the pages of this book first published in 2004, Elijah Wald candidly lifts the lid on a musical movement spawned under the illusion of folklore and myth promoted by a later 20th century generation of White Europeans. From a personal perspective as a musician who has played in a band suffering the puzzling indifferences of the British ‘Blues’ scene for some years, I will declare that I do have a justifiably and indisputable axe to grind. None the less, this book has provided answers to my bewildered train of thought, finally giving me the closure and clarity to move on as a musician and listener. [...] 

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‘Wait For The Ricochet’ – The Story Of ‘Deep Purple In Rock’

My Ian Paice Knowledge Finally Comes To Fruition

It was back in 2010 that Stephen Clare tracked me down from an article I wrote about an Ian Paice drum clinic I’d helped to promote to ask me if I’d care to write some words about Paice’s playing and general style for a potential book. There was no release date, but it was going to go through the Deep Purple fan club channels and officially sanctioned by the band members and my knowledge would be greatly appreciated on the analysis of his playing on the ‘In Rock’ album.

Well, “Why not?” I thought; it would be nice to get into print again on hard copy (everything is just so digital these days) so set to work with an appraisal of the man’s work on this classic album. [...] 

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Modern Drummer Published Me Again!

Mark Brzezicki Modern Drummer Magazine Feature

Funny how the cookie crumbles; one part of your life, you’re listening to a drummer who is currently top of your inspiration list and reading a hard-to-buy leading American drumming magazine, fast-forward 30 years (give or take) and you’re interviewing the aforementioned drummer and writing in the magazine about him!

Six months after meeting up with Mark Brzezicki in the recording studio whilst he was making the ‘The Journey’ album with Big Country, my ‘What Do You Know About?’ article about him was published in the September 2013 issue of Modern Drummer. [...] 

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